Top 10 Most Plays Cool Math Games

It’s time to give your brain a workout, guys!

The best way to challenge yourself is to play fun cool math games.

I’ve spent quite much time to review dozens of games that may be beneficial for your thinking and problem-solving skills as well.

So today, for your particular need, below is the list of top 10 most plays cool math games which are enjoyable for both kids and adults.

Make sure to check out:

1. 60 Second Burger Run

60 Second Burger Run

Your favorite burger restaurant will be closed in 60 seconds. What does that mean? In other words, you have a very short time to buy one yummy burger. If you don’t succeed with the challenge, then get ready to be hungry all night…

Play 60 Second Burger Run and make it through the levels ? the goal is to reach the bus stop as fast as possible before the time runs out. The difficulty in this game is: you have to jump on and smash blocks by taking advantage of your heavy weight.

Control the arrows (or WASD) to move around in this coolmath platform puzzler.

2. Cookie Monster Cookie Clicker

Cookie  Monster Cookie Clicker

Cookie Monster Cookie Clicker is a 2013 incremental game created by Orteil, a French programmer.

With a baking theme, the objective of the game is to bake cookies by clicking continuously on the giant cookie. Try to collect as many cookies as required to buy upgrades which later will help you get even more cookies. There are two types of upgrades that 1/ can improve the clicking rate (Upgrades) and 2/ can create cookies automatically (Buildings).

Similar to any idle game, Cookie Clicker has no ending yet offers hundreds of achievements. Thus, you may want to spend an indefinite of time to unlock all.

Check the video below to find out more new upgrades and achievements in Cookie Monster Cookie Clicker ? version 2.012:

3. Into Space 3: X-mas Story

Into Space 3:  X-mas Story

Before the Christmas holiday, the workshop of Santa has been attacked by a force of aliens. Now all the gifts are taken into space; thus, your mission in Into Space 3 is to help Santa Claus bring back the gifts. How? Hop in the rocket and start action.

Those greedy aliens, after blew up the workshop, has scattered the presents everywhere around the air. Try to launch the rocket as high as possible to gather enough candy and gifts. The candy later is used to buy upgrades while the gift is to unlock more advanced spaceships.

With Santa now missing and his elves are in despair, can you save the Christmas?

4. Grab Them by the Eyes

Grab Them by  the Eyes

Do you god at managing your own business? If yes, then join in Grab Them by the Eyes, a management simulation game by Terry Cavanagh.

In the game, you will run a burger stand against another food stand called Filthy Burgers. Your opponent seems to attract a lot of customers with their flashy sign. Therefore, if you want your business to go well, you must advertise your burgers with a much flashier sign. Guess what? The secret to make the best advertisement sign is to purchase message, color, and other items at the sign shop.

Try to sell as many burgers as possible to earn cash for upgrading your stand and buying stuff to making the sign.

5. Tic Tac Tiles

Tic Tac Tiles

Do you a big fan of logic game like Sudoku or Minesweeper?

Alright?you will surely love Tic Tac Tiles, one of the best cool math games, if the answer is yes!

This is a Takuzu-based puzzle game in which you need to think hard and logically to fill the grid with X’s and O’s. The rule is ? DO NOT place more than three X’s or O’s in a row in any direction. Overall, the gameplay is good for your brain and fun to figure out yet not clear enough ? the more levels you play, the more professional you will become.

This game can be played on the iOS platform.

6. Papa’s Cheeseria

Papa's  Cheeseria

Papa’s Cheeseria is one of popular games in the Papa’s Series.

Created from Flipline Studios, this is the company bringing many awesome restaurant cooking management games, such as Papa’s Freezeria, Papa’s Donuteria, Papa’s Cupcakeria, and more.

In the Cheeseria version, there are a lot of things to do plus more upgrades as well as achievements to unlock. The primary task is to make yummy grilled cheese sandwiches for hungry customers. Take orders, prepare sandwiches, and earn tips ? the gameplay of Papa’s Cheeseria is similar to the rest games of the series.

Can you run this greatest cheese sandwich restaurant?

7. Dig to China

Dig to China

Can you go to China just by digging blocks?

Everything is possible in Dig to China, a chunky tile busting digging game published by GamesButler. As the name says it all, you need to drill into the earth and find your way to China. While digging, you should collect as much coal, bone, titanium, gold, and other resources as you can for buying bombs and advanced upgrades later. Look out for clocks which will offer you more time to dig deeper.

You can play Dig to China with your mouse or the keyboard (arrows for moving and spacebar for dropping a bomb). But, personally, I prefer playing with the mouse.

8. Bubble Tanks 3

Bubble Tanks  3

Bubble Tanks 3 is another installment of the famous online shooting series developed by Hero Interactive.

In this arcade arena shooter, you are requested to navigate a tank made of bubbles and jump into a combat with other bubble tanks. Generally, this is totally a bubble fight! If you have played the first two versions, then you’ll see Bubble Tanks 3 is the completion of vision ? the whole background creates a new experience and adventure.

Make use of the mini-map to keep track of where you’ve been. Never distant yourself too far from your starting bubble, or a plenty number of enemies will come for an attack.

This third version of the series is really an infinite experience.

9. Papa’s Sushiria

Papa's  Sushiria

Have you ever dreamt of working in Papa’s restaurant? This seems unbelievable but you will become a part of Papa’s Sushiria, a sushi restaurant.

Papa’s Sushiria is the latest release from Flipline Studios as well as the 13th game in the Papa Louie restaurant management series. Included all best features in the previous Papa’s games, the Sushiria version was published on December 13, 2016 as a Christmas present.

Working in this sushi restaurant is really fun ? all you need to do are taking orders, preparing ingredients, cooking rice, adding toppings, fillings and other goodies, and finally serving the sushi rolls.

Don’t expect getting tips if you keep serving sloppy dishes!

If you enjoy this game, let’s find out other Papa’s cooking games hacked ( 02)!

10. Cannon Basketball 3

Cannon Basketball 3

Do you want to challenge your brain? Then give Canon Basketball 3 a try!

This is a great physics based basketball shooting game developed by Oleg Kuzyk and his team. With a very simple gameplay, Canon Basketball 3 is an online cool math game appropriate for all ages.

Your mission in this game is to locate an exact way to shoot the ball to the basket. Lucky to know; the number of balls for throwing in each level is infinite. However, the hard thing is that you have to collect all the golden stars when throwing the basketball. Try to make as many powerful shots as possible without putting much attempt.

In conclusion, these cool math games have a lot of free value to offer.

What do you think about this topic? Do you like all those games above? Are they good for your brain thinking?

Please let me know in the comment section below!

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