Grab Them By The Eyes Hacked

Grab Them By The Eyes Hacked

Challenge yourself in Grab Them By The Eyes Hacked, guys!

Always making in the list of top 10 most played cool math games; this is a free online strategy game from Terry Cavanagh, who is also the mastermind behind such mega-hard games like VVVVVV and Super Hexagon.

By playing this cool math game, you can learn some tricks of running a business.

What is it all about?

Keep reading to find out!

Once accessing Grab Them By The Eyes Unblocked, you’ll be given a small burger stand in the beginning. Of course you must sell as many burgers as possible; however, things get complicated when your competitor shows up.

They appear with a flashy sign on their food stand, and this really attracts customers.

Therefore, you have to do something before they steal all your business. The key here is to invest an impressive hoarding for your stand.

In general, Grab Them By The Eyes How to Win is about running a burger stand, but not in the ordinary way as usual. If you want to earn much money, then you need to focus on purchasing an incredible sign to compete against your rivals.

Purchase a sign at the sign shop and customize it as your preference (combining message, color, and other punch cards). Write whatever you want and make sure it’s eye-catching enough to attract customers.

Sounds simple and easy to win, right?

Actually it requires you more than just buying and decorating the sign. You must upgrade it frequently to win over your competitor located opposite. This game asks you to think strategically when taking turns buying cards.

Get your LED ready and jump in Grab Them By The Eyes Hacked to experience the new job for free!

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