Dig to China

Dig to China

Have you played Dig to China yet?

Although there are plenty of sane ways to visit China, the game developer of this title wants to ask you to do something different.

In this game, you must dig your way through a beautiful, large country.

Created and developed by GamesButler, Dig to China Cool Math can be enjoyed on both the desktop and mobile platform.

This is a 2D game in which the story focusing on a man trying to drill through the Earth’s core and reach China. No rival, you instead will race against the clock once engaging in the journey. As you start digging downwards, try to pick up gold, coal, iron, bones, uranium, titanium, and diamonds along the way.

All the resources can be traded for upgrades later in order to help you continue the journey deeper, discover more moles, and obtain better scores.

I have to say the gameplay in Dig to China is quite similar to other digging games (for example: Terraria and Mega Miner) on the basic. The mission is to dig as far down as possible, and they need to upgrade their equipment using all the picked up materials to get farther.

Beware of the time limit!

If you want to extend the time, then make use of clocks scattered along the way as well as take full advantage of drills and pack moles to freeze time temporarily.

To ease the mission, you can consider buying bombs.

Really simple, graphics in Dig to China gives of a retro look; additionally, the game’s audio is good as well even though there is only one song. Yet, keep in mind this is a short game and one song for a short game isn’t bad. It also leaves a big impression thanks to its solid sound effects.

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed playing Dig to China.

Considered as one of top 10 most played cool math games, the game ensures to offer you an enjoyable experience. The gameplay is simple and easy to catch up, and it has nice graphics and audio.

Grab your drill and drill yourself to China!

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