Stray Animals. Humane Society. Pet Adoption.

0511-1005-1405-2942_Cartoon_of_a_Dog_Digging_in_a_Garbage_Can_clipart_imageAn abundance of stray animals is a problem in any community. Not only is it a nuisance to have loud, uncared for animals roaming the streets, it is also a public health issue as well as an animal welfare issue. No one wants to live in an area of town that is overrun by stray animals. Once stray animals begin to inhabit an area, the trouble can quickly grow out of control. Animals that are not spayed or neutered can have several litters of kittens or puppies a year, which will in turn add to the stray animal population. These animals are often in poor condition. They can be sick and carry diseases such as rabies. In addition, they may become aggressive since they have never been socialized among people. These are serious issues for a community, particularly if there are lots of children around.

There are certain ways in which members of a community can help to prevent a stray animal problem in their neighborhood. First and foremost, it is of the utmost importance that every single pet owner get his or her animals spayed or neutered. In a world where there are already more cats and dogs than there are homes for them, it is irresponsible to add to the problem. It is also extremely important to make sure that pets are up to date with vaccinations so that they won’t be susceptible to any diseases that may be carried by the existing stray population. In addition, having any applicable license for a pet, as well as a collar with a name tag or even a readable microchip, will ensure that any lost pets will be returned to their owners.

dog-adoptionAnother excellent way to help reduce the stray animal population is through pet adoption. Try adopting a pet through the local humane society. A pet adopted through a cat rescue or dog rescue program will make a wonderful and appreciative pet. Adopting animals from shelters not only gives deserving animals a good home, it also allows shelters to house more animals and keep more stay animals off of the streets.