Noise Pollution. What is Noise Pollution?

noiseOne issue that often effects communities is noise pollution. What is noise pollution? Pollution, in general, refers to a harmful substance that is introduced into an area. Pollution of any kind can make life unpleasant, or even at times dangerous, for the people effected by it. Noise pollution is harmful or irritating noise that is introduced into a community. But what is noise? The word noise actually derives from the same word in Latin as seasickness. It is unwanted or disruptive sounds that people are forced to endure. Noise pollution can be a serious issue in urban neighborhoods, where many people are living close together. It can also effect people living near heavy industry, or even people with rude neighbors.

There are several causes of noise pollution. For example, poor urban planning can overcrowd neighborhoods, or even cause housing developments to be built right next to railroad tracks or airports. Living near such constant loud noise can seriously effect the quality of life of the inhabitants, and even, to an extent, their health. Noise pollution can potentially inflict both psychological and physiological problems to its sufferers. Common side effects of noise pollution include tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. It can also lead to increased levels of stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. These psychological issues can go on to seriously effect physical health, as stress is a leading contributor to high blood pressure and other medical problems.

It is important for a community to address this often overlooked problem. In some instances, such as in pre-existing communities that are built near railways or airports, the options are rather limited. However, communities should always be aware of any large projects which are under development in the area. If an entire community organizes, it is sometimes possible to stop certain building plans, such as a large supermarket moving in right next door, or a highway that would cut annoyingly and dangerously close to family homes. It is always a good idea to keep an open line of communication with others in your community.