Join a Community Board

Surely before, you have had a neighbor. This neighbor may have been down-right obnoxious, or sincerely angelic. Surely you have been a neighbor to someone — and maybe you were down-right obnoxious, or sincerely angelic. Whatever the case may be, in the event that you are one of your neighbors, was type one obnoxious, there may be need for mediation every now and again.

A community board is a non-profit group of people that get together to resolve minor conflicts. They act as a mediation group. It is quite interesting in fact, that these members are all volunteers, and not getting paid for their service to their community. Anything is free game to have the board help you with. Many times, someone will have a complaint about an animal in an apartment complex, or a person who plays their music too loud, or has too many random people coming in and out of their home in a certain amount of time. The main goal of a community board is to keep the peace. By keeping the peace within one altercation, this then ensures a domino effect that will keep the peace within the entire community.

On a larger scale, a community board does more than settling petty arguments. A community board has a sole purpose; it’s purpose is to make everyone aware, tolerant, and fair with each person, not only in their community, but on a domestic and international scale. If each person treat’s another with compassion, then maybe that person will treat someone else the same, who will treat someone else the same, thus creating a riff of peace. The fact that community boards are non-profit, truly shows the intentions of the people behind them. A minor annoyance in one’s community can turn into something ugly, but with a little patience, being as non-biased as possible, and with help from a community board, it can prove to be a beneficial experience, with personal growth behind it.