Speeding Vehicles. Traffic Rules.

Speeding vehicles can be a serious safety threat to members of a community. Unconscientious drivers who fail to follow traffic rules are at an increased risk for traffic accidents, and they also endanger the safety of those around them. Traffic crashes are a leading cause of death among young people in the United States. It is important to enforce driving rules in order to protect the members of a community as well as drivers and their passengers. Speeding vehicles can be particularly dangerous in small, residential communities where people may not be used to fast moving or heavy traffic, and where there may be children playing in the street unaware of the danger that approaches them.

There are several things that members of a community can do to help prevent and reduce the incidence of speeding and dangerous drivers in their neighborhoods. If there is a certain problem area where drivers tend to speed, or a street with a large amount of children who live or play there, neighbors can petition the local government to install various different signs or even a traffic light to help slow down traffic. A stop sign can be particularly effective, but it can still be helpful to have a sign which indicates that children often walk in an area, or even an extremely slow speed limit, such as 15 miles per hour. In some instances, a speed bump may even be installed.

It is also important to be active within your community, and to have open communication and a good relationship with both community leadership and the local authorities in your area. In this way, it is more likely that any pressing issues will be taken care of promptly as they arise. If there is a particular area where drivers often speed, it may be possible to place increased police patrols along that street to catch drivers in the act. As always, the more members of the community which band together to solve the problem, the more likely success is.

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