CB1.org, Community Board Affairs

Community boards, as defined here on cb1.org, are non profit boards who work to solve community affairs. As non profit organizations, community boards are more often than not run and represented by volunteers. Some of the community affairs that are dealt with by community boards include anti social behavior, flytipping, dogs and other pets, speeding vehicles, noise, graffiti, litter and health issues. You can learn more about them here at cb1.org

A community health board may take it upon itself to raise awareness about health issues, for instance vaccination campaigns and blood drives. Vaccination is a very important tool in the prevention of contagious diseases, especially in the younger population. Individual vaccination benefits the overall health of the entire community. However, some people may not be in the know regarding these type of community affairs. Therefore, the actions of a community board towards the spreading of information related to vaccines can be quite useful to achieve a healthy community. Blood drives, on the other hand, may be organized by a community board in combination with the local Red Cross chapter. Not fully related to this, but a community board can also help in the case of missing persons, putting together a search party.

Some of the other issues mentioned by cb1.org often involve some sort of internal strife within the community itself. For instances, neighbors who keep loud and/or dangerous pets (or are loud themselves), who manipulate their vehicles in a reckless manner, who dump their thrash in unauthorized places, or who pose some kind of threat to the balance of the community in general. In such cases, cb1.org points out that a board may be created (if one does not already exists), composed of people who act as mediators in order to defuse the situation. It is advisable that these individuals, while neutral, are also members of the community, so they have an understanding of the surrounding circumstances.

Here at cb1.org we believe that since a community is, by definition, a group of people living in the same place, arguments and clashing opinions are bound to come up. Humans are gregarious animals, so cb1.org does not expect them to shut themselves inside their houses and not interact with each other either. Therefore, an equilibrium must be reached, and a board is instrumental for that. Living together in harmony is possible, and at cb1.org we think that when two people fail to understand each other, a third party can intervene, rather than interfere, and help these two people (or more for that matter) to meet each other half way. In the end, as we here at cb1.org like to put it, it just a matter of putting oneself in the other’s shoes. If you would like to learn more about community board related subjects, feel free to visit cb1.org. Remember, Cb1.org is completely free of costs.

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